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Your Shareholders’ Agreement Can Protect Your Investment In a New Business

By David Toback |

In the world of corporate and business documents, we often pay a lot of attention to Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, LLC management agreements, corporate resolutions and other records that govern your business and instruct directors and shareholders how a company will operate. Buying In But what if you are buying into an existing company?… Read More »


Business Policy Changes Can Create Legal Problems

By David Toback |

Change is at the heart of any good business. Staying stagnant will often lead to your business being left behind, while change is often the catalyst for growth and profits. But change must be implemented correctly. Often, good ideas can lead to trouble when the legalities of the changes aren’t fully thought through. Such… Read More »


Can You Patent Your DNA?

By David Toback |

Deep inside of you, there is something that potentially has great value to the outside world, which you may not even be aware had such value: your DNA. Much like your contact information which has value when data lists are purchased by marketing companies, your DNA has similar value to companies that are not… Read More »


Tax Laws Apply to Cryptocurrency

By David Toback |

Cryptocurrency, which once was just Bitcoin, and now is seemingly a slew of online virtual currencies, is becoming more and more a part of our world. The news seems obsessed with reporting on it as an investment, particularly the swings in value that are more dramatic than any traditional stock or investment. Whether you… Read More »


Sales Taxation for Online Purchases May be Coming

By David Toback |

You may not have noticed, but when you buy something online, rarely is there a sales tax imposed the way there is when you buy something locally, at a brick-and-mortar store. You may be wondering why Uncle Sam doesn’t want its cut of those transactions. The answer lies in a 1992 Supreme Court decision,… Read More »


Things You Didn’t Know About Shareholders and Corporate Shares

By David Toback |

If you have a small business, you may have shareholders. Yet, you may not even give thought to the legalities of shareholders or the ways that shareholders can impact your business. Here are some little known things about shareholders that every business owner should know. You Pick the Classes There are different classes of… Read More »


Apple’s Problems Are a Good Legal Lesson for Businesses

By David Toback |

Our parents would always tell us that honesty is the best policy. That maxim is not only good life advice, but good legal advice as well. Often companies get in trouble not because of something that they did or failed to do, but because they didn’t just tell customers or the public what they… Read More »


Proving Competence to Alter Estate Documents May be More Difficult Than You Think

By David Toback |

Doctors and medical providers are called to testify as expert witnesses in legal cases all the time. When they do, we often think of them being called to testify in injury cases, or medical malpractice cases. There may not be a readily apparent reason why an attorney that does probate or estate planning would… Read More »


Pawn Shop Laws Apply to More Businesses Than You May Think

By David Toback |

Pawnbrokers are heavily regulated in Florida. When we think of pawnbrokers, we probably think of stores that sell various kinds of used goods, jewelry and electronics, in various states of disrepair, all in collateral for money loaned to those in needs. We may also imagine they have large neon signs that say “pawnbroker” on… Read More »


Proposed Tax Law Changes Could Affect Alimony Taxation in Divorces

By David Toback |

Whether you like the contents of the new tax or not, there are things you should be aware of. More than a few parts of the new bill will affect taxes, but one area that will affect the most people affects how alimony payments are taxed. Divorces Call on Many Legal Areas  Law is… Read More »

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