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A Contract Modification May Not Have the Same Rules as the Original Contract

By David Toback |

Every now and then there are cases that seem like they not only affect legal scholars, but also have a tangible, real world effect on everyday people. Such was a recent case that determined that a loan modification was not a negotiable instrument, the way a promissory note is. What’s a Promissory Note? Let’s… Read More »


Crowdfunding Laws Get More Favorable for Small Businesses

By David Toback |

Crowdfunding is the new way for entrepreneurs, inventors and business to raise money in a new economy. Campaigns that use crowdfunding have given rise to a new economy, where innovative products find their way to market, and where inventors who aren’t Fortune 500 companies can afford to get the financing to bring their ideas… Read More »

Should Your Business Know About the FCPA

By David Toback |

In the movies, it’s common to see businesses greasing the palms of government officials in secret deals in order to gain favor. Certainly, your business would never do that, and likely wouldn’t be in the position to do that, as it’s unlikely any government official would offer favors in return for cash or other… Read More »

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