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Tag Archives: Tampa Business Agreements

When a Breach of Contract Isn’t Enough

By David Toback |

In law, one simple word can make a huge difference. That’s not just in law, but in how your business operates, and how its contracts and agreements are interpreted. But a disturbing trend in the law may be making it harder for you to enforce your business agreements and contracts, simply because of the… Read More »

New Case Limits Changes to Terms of Service

By David Toback |

Many businesses find it helpful to have written and agreed-to terms of service for their clients or customers. These terms may be on paper or posted online, and may include regulations for usage of information, facilities or property. A recent case has limited the flexibility a business has when amending terms of service, and… Read More »

Consider Liquidated Damages In Your Next Business Agreement

By David Toback |

When entering into a contract, it’s always a good idea to look at the future, and ask yourself what would happen if your contract was breached. Likely, you would be able to file a lawsuit to collect your contractual damages; but what exactly are those damages, and how can you ensure that you recover… Read More »

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