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Start Succession Planning Now for Your Family Business

By David Toback |

If you’ve put your heart and soul into a family-operated business, you want to know that your business will continue to thrive after you’re gone. A well-operated family business should be able to provide for your loved ones for years after you have decided to retire from the business if you properly plan for… Read More »


Medical Marijuana Faces Regulatory Hurdles and Employer Questions

By David Toback |

Many are aware that Florida passed an amendment to the Florida constitution permitting the use of medical marijuana. The relationship between doctors and patients and law enforcement has been the focus, but little time or attention has been given to the question of how the new laws will affect employers, and how accessible cannabis… Read More »


Public Filings Can Avoid Apparent Authority Problems

By David Toback |

Businesses that have employees usually delegate to those employees certain tasks and responsibilities. In many cases, employees need to speak on behalf of the company in order to carry out daily business functions. But not every employee is authorized to do everything for the corporation. For example, an employee may have the right to… Read More »

When a Breach of Contract Isn’t Enough

By David Toback |

In law, one simple word can make a huge difference. That’s not just in law, but in how your business operates, and how its contracts and agreements are interpreted. But a disturbing trend in the law may be making it harder for you to enforce your business agreements and contracts, simply because of the… Read More »

Gift Tax Can Help or Hurt You

By David Toback |

Of all the ways to try to minimize tax consequences, and of all the more complex provisions of the IRS tax code, the gift tax may be the one that is most likely to trip someone up who thinks that they can outsmart the tax code. It is very tempting for someone with income… Read More »

IRS Looks to End Popular Estate Planning Tool

By David Toback |

Tax laws are very complex, as are IRS regulations. The tax code is often criticized as being overly complex, and every election year there are calls to simplify it. But sometimes, tax laws and proposed tax changes can be explained in normal real world terms. Such is the case with a proposed new IRS… Read More »

What The Zika Virus Scare Can Teach You About Business Contracts

By David Toback |

There are lessons in business and commercial law everywhere you look, even in places that seem the least obvious. You may think that the recent Zika virus scare in Miami has nothing to do with the law, or with your business. But in fact, hidden behind the scenes of the Zika virus scare are… Read More »

Could Coercion or Duress Affect Your Business Agreements?

By David Toback |

The ability of our businesses to thrive—or just survive—often depends on the agreements and contracts they enter into. If those who agree to do something or pay something to our business are able to back away from their agreements, there would be no way for our business to properly function and budget. Obviously, there… Read More »

How Far Does Florida’s Slayer Statute Reach?

By David Toback |

It sounds like a plot from a poorly written movie: Someone with something to inherit murders the person leaving the property in order to obtain the inheritance. Common sense tells us that aside from the obvious illegality of the homicide, the person doing the murdering probably shouldn’t inherit the property they sought to inherit…. Read More »

Lawsuit Reminds Business Owners of Employee Salary Laws

By David Toback |

Business that have employees are usually aware there are laws that apply to the relationship between them, which must be followed to avoid a business from running into trouble. For example, even without an attorney, most of us know that discrimination can lead to severe civil liability, as can failing to pay employees money… Read More »

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