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Tampa Tax Controversy Attorney

If you are dealing with a Tampa tax controversy, contact David Toback, Attorney at Law. He has spent 17 years handling complex taxation issues, proving legal guidance and relief for countless clients. Whether you are facing state or federal tax problems, David Toback can help you with your legal concern.

Individual Taxation Issues

Navigating the complex state and federal tax law systems can be a challenge. Even if a tax matter seems straightforward, legal complications can quickly arise. Often, trying to create tax solution on your own can create more problems that are left unresolved. Dealing with government tax agencies can also be quite difficult, as these agencies are notoriously slow and inefficient. Facing a personal tax issue can put your financial future at risk. Audits, tax liens, wage garnishment, and other government tools can lead to serious legal and financial consequences for you and your family.

Though tax controversies are serious matters, they are not impossible to resolve. Indeed, working with a skilled Tampa tax controversy attorney who has experience handling tax controversies can help you solve these problems. Do not try to work through your tax controversy alone, and do not try to settle with the government without legal counsel. Instead, contact experienced Tampa tax lawyer David Toback. He will provide you with practical advice, and will always strive to meet your legal needs and goals.

Business Tax Controversies

Working for yourself, providing for your family, and doing what you love are all benefits of owning your business. Business owners often positively contribute to their communities and are a foundation of modern society. Along with the advantage of business ownership, however, come significant tax challenges. Handling business tax matters is not intuitive. Paying business taxes and making sure all regulations are met is a daunting task. Even the most experienced business owner can have trouble keeping up with the ever-changing state and federal tax laws. This can lead to tax controversies that may put your business at risk.

No business owner ever plans on facing tax troubles. You may have gone to great lengths to ensure that any tax concerns were taken care of before a problem began. Planning for tax problems and working with a professional tax preparer can solve many future tax controversies before they arise. However, you may still find your business mired in a tax controversy. If that is the case, be sure to contact David Toback, Attorney at Law right away. You may have legal options you were unaware of, such as trying to negotiate with the government to settle your tax controversy. It is important to hire a skilled tax attorney to help you through your tax issues so that your business can continue growing.

Hire a Skilled Tampa Tax Controversy Attorney

David Toback, Attorney at Law serves individual and business clients throughout the greater Tampa area. He understands your financial security or the life of your business is at stake. With that in mind, David Toback will work tirelessly to resolve your tax controversy in a cost-effective, professional manner. Are you facing a state or federal tax problem? Have you been contacted by the IRS about a tax issue? If so, contact David Toback today to schedule a consultation.

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