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How a Business Planning Attorney Can Get Your Business Off to a Good Start

By David Toback |

You’ve made the decision to start your own company, downloaded all the do-it-yourself legal forms, and you think you’re ready to go; but are you really? While trying to handle things on your own may be inexpensive and expedient, a lack of legal guidance can result in costly mistakes that damage your business before… Read More »


Should Transfer on Death Accounts Be Part of Your Estate Plan?

By David Toback |

Unfortunately, many estates end up going to probate. In some states this isn’t a major issue, but in others it can be a costly headache. That is why it is important to understand how Transfer on Death accounts operate and how they can be used as an estate planning tool to help you avoid… Read More »


When Can a Will Be Contested?

By David Toback |

You’ve heard the stories before. A son who is the only child to a doting mother who promised to leave everything to him when she died. However, after she passed away, the son discovered that his mother had recently had her will redone and left everything to her housekeeper. Is the son simply left… Read More »


Don’t Leave Your Business Without a Plan

By David Toback |

When you first create your business, you never do it with the thought of what will happen to it when you are no longer living. Most business owners start their business with the hopes that one day they will be able to pass on their business to their loved ones. However, in many cases,… Read More »


What Items Need to Be Included in Your Articles of Incorporation?

By David Toback |

When you wish to incorporate your business in the State of Florida, you will be required to file articles of incorporation. This is a document that establishes how your company is formed. While an attorney is not required to do these articles of incorporation for you, an experienced business planning attorney can make sure… Read More »


The Pros and Cons of Putting Your Property in a Trust

By David Toback |

It’s not an uncommon issue for parents to worry that their adult children will throw their inheritance away on fast living, drugs, or alcohol, have it taken by creditors, or have a spouse take their inheritance in a divorce settlement. However, holding their inheritance property in a trust can have a lot of benefits…. Read More »


Don’t Wait Until Your Loved One Is No Longer Mentally Competent

By David Toback |

One of the hard parts of being an attorney is advising adult children who have suddenly realized they need to step in and help their aging parent. Perhaps their mother isn’t making sound decisions anymore regarding her healthcare, or their father is falling behind on his bills. Whatever the reason, transitioning control of such… Read More »

What’s the Difference Between an Employee and ?

By David Toback |

One of the most difficult things about running your own business is finding good employees. Particularly during busy seasons for your business, you may find yourself considering turning to temporary employees or independent contractors to meet the needs of your business. It is important that you know the differences between employees and independent contractors… Read More »


Reduce Your Small Business Liability

By David Toback |

Some of the riskiest loans in the eyes of lenders are those made to small businesses, or more particularly start-up businesses. This is especially true if there is little to no revenue and hardly any credit history on which to base their decision. In order to decrease their risk, lenders almost always will require… Read More »


What You Need to Know About Contesting a Will

By David Toback |

Whether you are the executor of an estate defending a will, or an heir contesting it, you need to know that contesting a will in the Sunshine state can be messy. Contesting a will essentially means that you want the court to void an existing will and throw it out of court as if… Read More »

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