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How Can a Living Trust Help Me Prepare for the Future?

By David Toback |

When it comes to planning for the end of our lives, we often don’t like to think about it. However, failing to plan could mean leaving a mess behind for your loved ones to handle once you are gone, and most of us don’t want that either. Having a will is one option to… Read More »


Keep New Tax Laws in Mind When Settling Lawsuits

By David Toback |

We’ve often written about how important it is to get the advice of a good tax or estate lawyer, even if you’re involved in a case that doesn’t necessarily involve those areas. Legal areas that seemingly have nothing to do with wills or estates or taxes often do have consequences in those areas, and… Read More »


How Creating a Durable Power Attorney Can Be More Important Than a Will

By David Toback |

While many people realize that it’s a good idea to make final preparations for their estate upon death, unfortunately, many of those same people don’t realize there are plenty of preparations that need to be made to help with their care in the event they become unable to care for themselves. Estate planning attorneys… Read More »


A Contract Modification May Not Have the Same Rules as the Original Contract

By David Toback |

Every now and then there are cases that seem like they not only affect legal scholars, but also have a tangible, real world effect on everyday people. Such was a recent case that determined that a loan modification was not a negotiable instrument, the way a promissory note is. What’s a Promissory Note? Let’s… Read More »


Why You Need to Start Thinking About a Living Will, Even if You’re Only 18

By David Toback |

With today’s medical advances, life support can keep a person’s body alive for months, or even years, even if their brain is no longer fully functioning. This can force a person to live incapacitated and in pain for much longer than they wish if they don’t have documentation in place to keep such situations… Read More »


Nikolas Cruz’ Criminal Case Has Estate and Probate Legal Issues

By David Toback |

The criminal case involving accused school shooter Nikolas Cruz is in the early stages, but there are already angles of the case that are starting to involve probate and estate law. The post-tragedy legal situation is an interesting look about how estate law can come into play when least expected. Qualification to Use the… Read More »


Patent Infringement Claims Are Not Always Valid

By David Toback |

Patents protect our intellectual ideas, and make sure that our proprietary business inventions aren’t stolen and used by just anyone. But sometimes, patents can be used the wrong way, as they often are by what are known as patent trolls. A recent allegation of infringement has arisen, bringing to light how important it is… Read More »


Stay on the Legal Side of Securities Fraud Laws

By David Toback |

Martin Shkreli, who best became known as “Pharma Bro,” has been sentenced to 7 years in prison. Although his actions were high profile, what led him to his conviction can be a lesson to business owners everywhere. Shkreli’s Conviction Shkreli became infamous when it was revealed that a drug company he had purchased raised… Read More »


Your Shareholders’ Agreement Can Protect Your Investment In a New Business

By David Toback |

In the world of corporate and business documents, we often pay a lot of attention to Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, LLC management agreements, corporate resolutions and other records that govern your business and instruct directors and shareholders how a company will operate. Buying In But what if you are buying into an existing company?… Read More »


Business Policy Changes Can Create Legal Problems

By David Toback |

Change is at the heart of any good business. Staying stagnant will often lead to your business being left behind, while change is often the catalyst for growth and profits. But change must be implemented correctly. Often, good ideas can lead to trouble when the legalities of the changes aren’t fully thought through. Such… Read More »

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