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Category Archives: Business Transactions


Why You Need to Have an Attorney Draft Your Contracts

By David Toback |

To ensure that your company is duly protected, it is important to have commercial contracts where relations with third parties that develop in your business activity are regulated in writing. But not all business contracts work. Each business has its peculiarities and all contractual relationships are not carried out in the same way. Therefore,… Read More »


Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting a New Business

By David Toback |

Starting a new business can be exciting, and still be one of the most stressful things you will ever experience. There are many things to do, and some of those are legal aspects that many people don’t even realize. Because the role of an entrepreneur is often focused on their customer, there are some… Read More »


Reduce Your Small Business Liability

By David Toback |

Some of the riskiest loans in the eyes of lenders are those made to small businesses, or more particularly start-up businesses. This is especially true if there is little to no revenue and hardly any credit history on which to base their decision. In order to decrease their risk, lenders almost always will require… Read More »


Get Your Nonprofit Organization Off to a Good Start with the Help of an Attorney

By David Toback |

A nonprofit organization can be a driving force for change and give you the opportunity to change the world in which we live. It is something that many of us have hopes and dreams of doing. However, to set up a nonprofit organization in the state of Florida, you have to follow a very… Read More »


Reasons Why Florida May Be the Best State for Start Up Businesses

By David Toback |

Everyone knows that Florida is a great place to retire. What many people don’t realize it is also a great place for young entrepreneurs and middle age individuals to relocate and settle down. Florida not only has the perfect warm climate, but it is also a great place to start your small business. An… Read More »


Do I Really Need to Keep All of This Paperwork?

By David Toback |

Regardless of how long you have been in business, or whether your business is a partnership, limited liability company, sole proprietorship, or corporation, it is imperative that you keep good business records. However, if you have years of paperwork and documentation piling up on the shelf or in file cabinets, you may be wondering… Read More »


Some Laws Don’t Apply to Your Small Business

By David Toback |

It’s no secret that businesses have many rules and regulations they have to follow, especially when it comes to their employees. However, small businesses may not have to follow all of these rules depending on how many employees they have. For example: Discrimination Laws  Some small businesses may be exempt from the ADEA, ADA,… Read More »


Five Documents All Businesses Need

By David Toback |

While many start-up businesses have limited resources to work with, it is still a good idea to have a business planning attorney draft a few legal documents that can spare the business owner a lot of headaches and hefty expenses throughout their journey. While the list below isn’t an exhaustive list of documents a… Read More »


Supreme Court Makes Unanimous Decision Regarding Copyrights

By David Toback |

It only takes a few simple steps to apply for a copyright. To register the creative works of your business, you must submit an application form that has been completed and a copy of your work that you wish to register, along with the appropriate fees. This application can even be submitted online. But… Read More »


What’s the Difference Between an LLC and a PLLC?

By David Toback |

Many of us have heard of the term LLC, or limited liability company. What you may not be as familiar with is the term PLLC, which is very similar to LLC, but stands for professional limited liability company. Both terms are a type of business formation, but the difference is the restrictions and requirements… Read More »

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