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Tampa Estate Planning Attorney > Blog > Business Law > Why You Need to Have an Attorney Draft Your Contracts

Why You Need to Have an Attorney Draft Your Contracts


To ensure that your company is duly protected, it is important to have commercial contracts where relations with third parties that develop in your business activity are regulated in writing.

But not all business contracts work. Each business has its peculiarities and all contractual relationships are not carried out in the same way. Therefore, a business planning attorney in Florida will analyze your needs and those of your business, and write and review commercial contracts adapting to each corporate operation and current legislation.

In Florida, the lawyers who are specialized in commercial and civil contracts will focus on:

  • Identify the type of contract to be used according to the nature of the business.
  • Anticipate the resolution of possible situations and problems in the future.
  • Put on paper the provisions of the previous point, advising and drafting all kinds of private contracts.
  • Challenge and cancel any type of contract whenever we are instructed to do so.

The Nature of Commercial Contracts

Commercial contracts are private contracts, but for them to be enforceable against third parties they must comply with registration and publicity formalities. For this, the contract must be drafted by a legal professional who uses the appropriate legal terminology and adjustment to current legal regulations that allow it to be accepted by the registry and the reviewing officer of this public body.

The Registration of Commercial Actions

Registration will allow the document not only to be valid against the parties that subscribe to it, but also to be fully valid against any third party that wants to violate its compliance. In this way, the agreement of the parties is ensured in a legal instrument of a private nature that is basically law between the contracting parties.

Commercial Contract Drafting

You should legally draft commercial contracts and review of contracts with third parties to which you want to adhere. We include those clauses that best defend your interests and we detect those that we believe may be harmful to you.

Personalized writing and review of all types of commercial contracts:

  • Contracts for the provision of services
  • Commercial commission contracts
  • National and international distribution contracts
  • License agreement
  • Franchise agreements
  • Factoring contracts
  • Leasing contracts
  • Loan contracts
  • Business purchase contracts
  • Technology contracts
  • Compensation for clients in agency contracts

Preparation of Commercial Contracts for Commercial Agencies 

Advice on compensation for clients for both companies and commercial agents

  • Preparation of commercial contracts of commercial agency
  • Advice on compensation for clients for both companies and commercial agents
  • Preparation and legal representation in judicial procedures for claiming compensation for clients
  • Advice on consumer protection

Seek the Assistance of an Attorney 

Do you need the help of a contract lawyer? As lawyers specialized in commercial law, they can write all kinds of contracts adapting to the specific characteristics of your company. Protect the rights of your business by contacting Tampa business transaction & formation attorney David Toback today to schedule a consultation.


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