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Category Archives: Tax Law


The Foreign-Derived Intangibles Income Deduction: Good News for Small Business Owners

By David Toback |

During the COVID-19 pandemic, good news is in short supply, especially in Florida and especially for small business owners.  The relief efforts aimed at small businesses have tended to be messy in their implementation and to come with many strings attached.  The success of small businesses is essential to our economic recovery; small business… Read More »


You Can Challenge a Florida Tax Audit

By David Toback |

The Florida tax process can be harrowing, to say the least. Sometimes after the audit is complete, you just pay what you owe and move forward. However, there are times that you may not be satisfied when the audit is over. The auditor may be attempting to pressure you into paying immediately, or you… Read More »


How Changes to the Kiddie Tax May Affect You

By David Toback |

Not all children make a significant amount of money from an outside job, however, some kids are lucky enough to receive a fair amount of spending money from their family. If your minor child receives an allowance or monetary gifts from their grandparents, you may need to know about the Kiddie Tax. Under the… Read More »


What Thursday’s Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean for Businesses

By David Toback |

It’s not a secret that more and more Americans have done their shopping online over the past few years. There’s the convenience of buying from home, plus lower prices in many cases. These lower prices have been due to the fact that e-commerce sales are often tax-free. After a recent Supreme Court ruling, that… Read More »


Does Florida Have Estate Tax?

By David Toback |

One of the most important aspects of planning your estate is tax minimization. You want to minimize any estate tax, or inheritance tax, that will need to be paid. No one has a patriotic duty to pay more taxes than is required, so why wouldn’t you do your best to minimize your estate tax?… Read More »


Keep New Tax Laws in Mind When Settling Lawsuits

By David Toback |

We’ve often written about how important it is to get the advice of a good tax or estate lawyer, even if you’re involved in a case that doesn’t necessarily involve those areas. Legal areas that seemingly have nothing to do with wills or estates or taxes often do have consequences in those areas, and… Read More »


Tax Laws Apply to Cryptocurrency

By David Toback |

Cryptocurrency, which once was just Bitcoin, and now is seemingly a slew of online virtual currencies, is becoming more and more a part of our world. The news seems obsessed with reporting on it as an investment, particularly the swings in value that are more dramatic than any traditional stock or investment. Whether you… Read More »


Sales Taxation for Online Purchases May be Coming

By David Toback |

You may not have noticed, but when you buy something online, rarely is there a sales tax imposed the way there is when you buy something locally, at a brick-and-mortar store. You may be wondering why Uncle Sam doesn’t want its cut of those transactions. The answer lies in a 1992 Supreme Court decision,… Read More »


Proposed Tax Law Changes Could Affect Alimony Taxation in Divorces

By David Toback |

Whether you like the contents of the new tax or not, there are things you should be aware of. More than a few parts of the new bill will affect taxes, but one area that will affect the most people affects how alimony payments are taxed. Divorces Call on Many Legal Areas  Law is… Read More »


Taxation and the Constitution

By David Toback |

We often think of constitutional law as being an area that mostly affects criminal defendants or those seeking to speak out. Rights to counsel and to due process, and rights to assemble and speak for or against political candidates or positions are often where the media mostly reports constitutional matters. You may not think… Read More »

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