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Tampa Health Care Surrogate Attorney

Tampa Heath Care Surrogate Designations

Have you given any thought to what would happen if you were to become incapacitated? This can be an emotionally difficult subject to consider, but consideration is important. In Florida, every competent adult has the right to determine what medical care they will or will not accept. However, if you become incapacitated, you will not be able to make a decision regarding your medical treatment. It is essential to plan ahead for such a situation. Doing so will be beneficial to both you and your family. State law allows many different legal tools to plan for any future incapacity, including designating a health care surrogate. Contact our Tampa health care surrogate attorney for more information.

What Your Health Care Surrogate Can Do

A health care surrogate is someone you authorize to make medical decisions for you during a period of incapacity. This person, usually a spouse, other family member, or trusted friend, has a responsibility to make these health care choices as you would otherwise. Of course, if you become unexpectedly incapacitated your health care surrogate may not know what course of treatment you would prefer. In that case, he or she will consider your best interests and consult with your care providers. It is especially important to designate someone who you can trust with your life, literally. Your health care surrogate will be responsible for making any medical decision you would need to make, such as:

  • Approving surgery;
  • Approving medications;
  • Consulting with your doctors; and
  • Authorizing life-prolonging measures.

Benefits of Designating Your Surrogate

As mentioned above, you have the right to determine your own medical care as a competent adult. Under state law, you can dictate what your health care surrogate should do in a legal document. Sometimes, this is referred to as medical power of attorney, and is a type of advanced directive. Similar to a living will, when you designate a health care surrogate, you can specify your wishes regarding medical care. When designating a surrogate, you can also choose an alternate surrogate. This alternate surrogate acts as “backup” in case your first choice is unable or unwilling to comply with your wishes.

Like with every estate planning tool and advanced directive, designating a health care surrogate provides many benefits. Doing so allows you to exercise control over your future, even if you are incapacitated. Additionally, designating your surrogate will give your loved ones assurance that medical decisions will be made on your behalf. It can be extremely difficult for your relatives to decide in the moment who is responsible for your care. You can save your family that pain by clarifying your choices beforehand.

Experienced Tampa Health Care Surrogate Attorney

Everyone can benefit from designating a health care surrogate. No matter your age or how healthy you are now, you should plan ahead for any possible future incapacity. David Toback, Attorney at Law, can guide you through your legal options. He will help you create your surrogate designation, while addressing your concerns in the process. With over 17 years of legal practice in Tampa, David Toback can provide you with experienced, practical legal advice. Do not wait until tragedy strikes to think about your future health care. Instead, call David Toback at (813) 252-7529.

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