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Tampa Estate Planning Attorney > Videos > What does a proper estate plan include?

What does a proper estate plan include?

Video Transcription

A proper estate plan includes documents that’ll protect both your person and your property during life and at death. During your life you’ll have documents that just pertain to your person, like a living will, a health care surrogate, and a pre-need guardianship. For your property you’ll have a durable power of attorney. The pre-need guardianship will also apply to your property, and of course you’ll have a will to dispose of your property at death. If you choose, and if your asset level and your needs require it you can have a revocable living trust to manage your property during your life and at death in the event of your incapacity and again at your death. A proper estate plan, again depending on your needs, can include asset protection features, and gifting devices if you’re transferring property during your life to relatives.

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