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A Health Savings Account (HSA) Could Save You Some Tax Money

By David Toback |

Health insurance has been a popular topic the last few years. Many people don’t figure health insurance into an overall estate planning strategy. But, in fact, there is a savings vehicle for health planning that may actually save you money on your taxes. What is an HSA? Many individuals find when procuring health insurance… Read More »

Florida Annuities: A Great Asset Protection Tool, Even in a Divorce

By David Toback |

Divorce seems to bring up a lot of questions when it comes to asset protection and estate planning, especially when exempt assets are transferred pursuant to a divorce. Just recently we discussed the effects of the homestead protections upon divorce, and whether a divorce threatens the homestead protections of property that are normally afforded… Read More »

Can You Lose Your Homestead Protection in a Divorce?

By David Toback |

Florida has one of the strongest homestead protections in the nation. It’s written into our Florida constitution, and it protects your homestead from being taken by creditors or anybody who gets a judgment against you (other than foreclosures, where you have specifically mortgaged your property). The protection even extends to funds that you receive… Read More »

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