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How to Use Tenancy by the Entireties to Protect Your Business

By David Toback |

The protection of property owned by a husband and wife jointly is one of the most well known protections in the law. Ask many people about creditor or asset protection and a number will already know that creditors can’t take property that is owned jointly by a husband and wife. That concept is better… Read More »

Property Owned by Married Couples Still Has Strong Protections

By David Toback |

The tenants by the entireties (TBE) protection is one of the strongest that the law provides, and one of the clearest and easiest asset protection devices available. TBE is an exemption that protects assets that are owned jointly by a married couple from being taken by creditors. A recent case has not strengthened the… Read More »

Do You Always Need to Change Estate Documents After a Divorce?

By David Toback |

We all know that the issue of estate planning tends to come up when you or someone you know gets sick. But it also comes up in the context of divorce. A divorce is a trigger to many clients, pushing them to either create documents, or revisit already created ones, to make sure that… Read More »

Gay Couples Shouldn’t Assume New Laws Give Them All the Protection They Need

By David Toback |

Same sex marriages are now protected under the law in Florida, along with many other states. But while the recognition of marriage is legally recognized, that doesn’t automatically mean that same sex couples can assume they have the same legal rights as heterosexual couples in every area of the law. This is especially true… Read More »

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