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A Second Act Career Is An Underrated Way To Spend Your 60s


As much as young people might fear old age, there are a lot of things you do not miss about being young.  For example, you do not miss always feeling like you have to impress your current employer and prospective employers.  You also don’t miss the stress of middle age, where you worry that you will lose your job in a wave of corporate layoffs because a new technology makes it possible for your employer to pay one person to do the work that ten people used to do; you dread that your severance pay will run out before you find a new job, as age discrimination causes employers to pass over you in favor of younger applicants who have never experienced what a living wage feels like.  Some people dream of retiring as soon as they can and setting up house in a faraway and inexpensive location where they hanged the jerk who invented work, but now that you are getting close to retirement age, twiddling your thumbs all day does not sound so appealing.  You have had enough of your current job, but you aren’t ready to leave the workforce entirely.  A Tampa estate planning lawyer can help you strategize about a second act career and other unconventional approaches to retirement.

It Isn’t Just About Money

Some people spend their time volunteering or launching their own businesses after they retire, but there is something to be said about the structure that having a paid job gives to your life.  If you are already in a financial position to retire, you can choose a job based on the fact that it enables you to perform a needed service or that it helps you stay physically fit.  Being a school crossing guard is rewarding because you help children safely cross the street to and from school.  Being a Walmart greeter does not fit the traditional definition of a helping profession, but Walmart greeters, who are almost invariably elderly, also fill an important niche in the social ecosystem.  You are a consistent presence in the lives of your younger coworkers who have to handle a lot of responsibilities on a Walmart wage, and it is reassuring for them to be around someone who has been through similar stresses and lived to tell about it.

And It Isn’t Just About Following Your Dreams

A second act career does not have to be your dream job.  It is a way to stay socially active, which is great for your physical and mental fitness.  After reaching retirement age, you cannot expect your spouse and children to provide the sense of social connectedness that your coworkers and your industry used to provide.

Contact David Toback With Questions About Estate Planning for Second Act Career Employees

A Central Florida estate planning lawyer can help you envision postponing your retirement so that you can stay physically and financially healthy.  Contact David Toback in Tampa, Florida to set up a consultation.



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