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Estate Planning for Small Businesses

By David Toback |

The challenges that small businesses have to face are unending. Right from hiring staff to marketing to managing customers, it all requires great attention. Unlike big organizations, customers just don’t line up because the visibility of small businesses is often less. Taking care of both the present and future responsibilities is an important task…. Read More »


What Happens to Your Estate if You Die Without a Will in Florida?

By David Toback |

Think only the rich or people with children need wills? To protect your loved ones if something happens to you, it is profoundly important to have at least a basic, formal will that dictates how you want your estate to be distributed upon your death. This ensures that your property and assets are disseminated… Read More »


Corporate Leases For Small And Big Businesses

By David Toback |

Space for housing and businesses is an urgent requirement in recent times owing to the increasing population. A good number of people migrate to urban areas looking for jobs, thus contributing to the already pressing issue of lack of physical area. Businesses, especially the newer ones, rely mostly on rental spaces as it is… Read More »


Role of Buy-Sell Agreements in Businesses

By David Toback |

Many people don’t realize the necessity of a buy-sell agreement until they are faced with a critical situation. Business owners have a buy-sell agreement or buyout agreement between the co-owners of the business. It is a legal agreement to save the situation during emergencies. The agreement serves its purpose in cases where a co-owner… Read More »


What Every Business Owner Should Know About a Breach of Contract

By David Toback |

Whether the breach of contract has to do with an insurance company, a commercial company, an employment agreement, or any other type of situation, the reality is that an unfulfilled contract can have serious economic repercussions for all parties in question. If you are accused of having violated the terms of a contract or… Read More »


Understanding the SECURE Act

By David Toback |

Retirement is a major milestone for the working population and planning for it wisely decides the quality of life post-retirement. The passing of the SECURE Act has been a ray of hope for many Americans as it facilitates better retirement savings. The Setting Every Community Up for Retirement Enhancement (SECURE) Act was passed as… Read More »


What is a “Miller Trust?”

By David Toback |

Trust can come in a variety of forms and are often used to qualify for a Medicaid or Medicaid Donating Home plan in Florida. Eligible trust funds are the irrevocable professional trust funds required by Medicaid in certain circumstances. Qualified income relationships are also called QIT or Miller Trust. How is Miller Trust created?… Read More »


Why You Need to Have an Attorney Draft Your Contracts

By David Toback |

To ensure that your company is duly protected, it is important to have commercial contracts where relations with third parties that develop in your business activity are regulated in writing. But not all business contracts work. Each business has its peculiarities and all contractual relationships are not carried out in the same way. Therefore,… Read More »


Guide to Transferring Assets to Your Loved Ones in Florida

By David Toback |

What’s good about the wealth you have accrued if you cannot share and pass it down to your loved ones? If you are one of those people looking for ways to transfer assets to your loved ones in the most efficient way possible, there are certain things you need to know. The way you… Read More »


Start Your Partnership Off on the Right Foot

By David Toback |

Starting a new business is exciting. You will be able to set your own work schedule, be your own boss, and work with only people you choose. When entering a business partnership, it may seem like having documentation in place for you and your partner is an unnecessary expense. However, that excitement that you… Read More »

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