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Small Businesses Closing in Miami

By David Toback |

Along one major retail thoroughfare in Miami, small businesses are being pushed out as customers flock to new businesses. Larger retailers have moved into the area, making it difficult for smaller businesses to compete. As these entrepreneurs work to sell off their inventory and make plans to move on, they also face numerous other… Read More »


Protecting Your Rental Property with an Estate Plan

By David Toback |

Florida is a wonderful place to live, and not just because of its sun and sand. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on Florida’s appeal thanks to rising demand for rental properties. Because Florida also features low property taxes and no state income tax, rental property offers fantastic income potential. However, the issue of what happens to… Read More »


Resolve to Protect Your Heirs

By David Toback |

Many people make New Year’s resolutions, though very few people keep them. According to one survey, about 32 percent of people have resolved to spend less and save more money this year. If you’ve also resolved to improve your financial situation, don’t forget to plan for what will happen to those finances in the… Read More »


The (New) American Dream

By David Toback |

A study conducted in the spring of 2018, commissioned by the UPS Store, found that 75 percent of Americans dream of owning their own business. Although the reasons for this dream and the precise kind of business varied, most Americans who said they dreamed of opening a business were also confident in its success…. Read More »


How an Attorney Can Help Settle an Estate

By David Toback |

When a person passes away and they still have assets in their revocable living trust, the successor trustee, or fiduciary, will likely need legal help to get the trust settled. It is important to understand the duties of the fiduciary under Florida laws. These include the duty to account to beneficiaries, duty of fairness,… Read More »


Do You Know How to Correctly Classify Your Workers?

By David Toback |

If you own your own business and have employees, it is important to understand how to classify your workers. Are they employees or independent contractors? There is a difference and you need to know not only how to classify them, but the importance of classifying your workers correctly. Difference Between an Independent Contractor and… Read More »


Planning for Your Future When You Own Rental Property

By David Toback |

Estate planning may not be one of your favorite things to think about, but if you’ve got assets you’d like your loved ones to have, it’s essential. You want your loved ones to get your prized possessions and assets, which necessitates estate planning. If you own rental real estate, you’ll certainly want to ensure… Read More »


How Can You Protect Your Business During Preliminary Negotiations?

By David Toback |

When it comes to business deals, preliminary negotiations and introductions often take place before the deal ever closes. This may lead to a bit of anxiety or internal struggles about how much to reveal in order to pitch your business opportunity or sell our idea, without giving away too much information. The parties will… Read More »


Do I Need to Consider Retitling My Home or Other Assets?

By David Toback |

Because Medicaid is based on need, the program has limits on how much value an applicant for the program and their spouse may have. A typical Medicaid applicant is allowed to have between $1,500 and $3,000 in their own name after they qualify for Medicaid. There is a higher limit that the applicant’s healthy… Read More »


Terms You Need to Know Before Signing a Commercial Lease

By David Toback |

When you sign a commercial lease, you are making a significant commitment for your company. These leases are typically not under the same consumer protection laws as residential leases, which means that you need to know the terms of the lease and exactly what commitments you are making. Before you sign a lease, you… Read More »

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