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Category Archives: living trust


How Can a Living Trust Help Me Prepare for the Future?

By David Toback |

When it comes to planning for the end of our lives, we often don’t like to think about it. However, failing to plan could mean leaving a mess behind for your loved ones to handle once you are gone, and most of us don’t want that either. Having a will is one option to… Read More »


Why You Need to Start Thinking About a Living Will, Even if You’re Only 18

By David Toback |

With today’s medical advances, life support can keep a person’s body alive for months, or even years, even if their brain is no longer fully functioning. This can force a person to live incapacitated and in pain for much longer than they wish if they don’t have documentation in place to keep such situations… Read More »


The Benefits of a Living Trust

By David Toback |

We hear a lot about the different kinds of trusts, and one kind that’s spoken about often is a living trust. Living trusts have a number of advantages, which make them beneficial for those who want tangible asset and estate planning advantages immediately. What is a Living Trust We normally think of a trust… Read More »

New Health Care Surrogate Laws Remind Us How Important Having One Can Be

By David Toback |

When we think of estate planning, we tend to think of planning for all of our stuff, and specifically who will get it, how will it be spent, and where will it go. But many people give little thought to planning for disability, or for health problems that may render them unable to tend… Read More »

A Living Trust Could Be The Right Tool For You–Even if You’re Not Rich

By David Toback |

When we talk about trusts, there is a misconception that they’re only for the very wealthy. Terms like “trust fund baby” have created the impression that the average middle class person doesn’t need to worry about trusts. But living trusts can help everyone, and can give you some peace of mind in planning your… Read More »

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