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Considerations When Including a Business in an Estate Plan

By David Toback |

When it comes to estate planning, some items are easier left and devised than others. Physical objects like cars or money or collections may take thought as to where they will go, but once the decision is made the process is pretty straightforward. But one asset may take more significant planning when it comes… Read More »


Tax Credits You May Not be Aware That You Had

By David Toback |

Despite the fact that nobody likes paying taxes, you’d be surprised at how many people pay more than they have to. Wherever you stand on the debate over whether we have too many or too few tax loopholes, the fact is that they are there for the taking, and they aren’t just for big… Read More »

Gift Tax Can Help or Hurt You

By David Toback |

Of all the ways to try to minimize tax consequences, and of all the more complex provisions of the IRS tax code, the gift tax may be the one that is most likely to trip someone up who thinks that they can outsmart the tax code. It is very tempting for someone with income… Read More »

Putting an LLC Interest in a Trust Could Reap Benefits

By David Toback |

When we think of the things that we own that we want to protect from creditors, or which we want to make sure go where we want them to go when we pass, we usually think of tangible items. Cars, houses, the art collection and the cash in the bank account are usually the… Read More »

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