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Tag Archives: Creating an Estate Plan


Four Reasons Why You Need an Estate Plan Regardless of Your Income and Wealth

By David Toback |

The Tax Cut and Jobs Act (TCJA) is fully into effect and it is the first major tax overhaul in over 30 years. This means that if you haven’t reviewed your estate plan, you need to as soon as possible to determine how the tax changes will impact your plan. While people often think,… Read More »


5 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning Your Estate

By David Toback |

There are a few things in life that people don’t like to think about. Death is one of those things, but the truth is, everyone will pass away some day. What you leave behind can either be a burden for your family, or it can simplify the process of handling your final financial and… Read More »


Don’t Overlook These Estate Planning Details

By David Toback |

If you have carefully drafted an estate plan, which leaves your assets to the individuals that you want it to, sets up a few trusts and asset protection vehicles, and accounts for medical directives and powers of attorney in case you are unable to tend to your affairs, congratulations are in order. You have… Read More »

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