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Estate Planning Issues with Bitcoin

By David Toback |

In case you hadn’t noticed, the value of virtual currency Bitcoin is going through the roof. This is just one fluctuation in the value of the currency, which has, during its short lifetime, both dropped in value dramatically and seen its value skyrocket in short periods of time. The operative word for Bitcoin thus… Read More »

The Benefits of a 1031 Tax Exchange

By David Toback |

In this recovering economy, real property can be a good investment. Whether your business is in real estate investing, or your business has nothing to do with real estate, but owns real estate that it operates from, as time goes by, the value of your property is likely to increase. Taxes Can Hurt And… Read More »

Religious Concerns in Estate Planning

By David Toback |

The areas of estate, asset and tax planning seem mechanical, dry, and technical. They certainly seem far divorced from something like religion or religious beliefs. But estate planning isn’t just about laws; it’s about people, and those people often have devout religious beliefs that they may want reflected or avoided in their estate plan…. Read More »

All About the Blind Trust

By David Toback |

During a presidential election cycle, interesting legal issues concerning criminal law, civil rights and social issues often arise. Rarely do estate planning topics enter the national debate, other than the occasional discussion of tax policy. But recently, the candidates and the media have been raising the issue of blind trusts. These trusts have long… Read More »

IRS Looks to End Popular Estate Planning Tool

By David Toback |

Tax laws are very complex, as are IRS regulations. The tax code is often criticized as being overly complex, and every election year there are calls to simplify it. But sometimes, tax laws and proposed tax changes can be explained in normal real world terms. Such is the case with a proposed new IRS… Read More »

Understanding the Death Tax

By David Toback |

Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently gave a speech announcing that he would repeal the death tax. That immediately started a media frenzy about the death tax, a tax that in reality many people never even knew existed. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on or for whom you’re voting, Trump’s speech at… Read More »

Don’t Make These Asset Protection Mistakes

By David Toback |

Asset protection is not only a viable and recognized legal strategy to protect assets from creditors, but it’s also a very smart thing to do. Even if you aren’t a millionaire, you still may have assets that creditors could reach if a judgment were ever entered against you. That said, there’s good asset protection… Read More »

Should You Include Attorneys Fees in your Contracts?

By David Toback |

Your business relies upon your ability to enforce the contracts and agreements that it enters into. And while your business may draft an airtight agreement, with provisions that are favorable to you, you still may have an economic feasibility problem when it comes to going to court to enforce your agreement. That problem may… Read More »

Injury Lawsuits Can Live On After Death

By David Toback |

In many cases, someone may pass away in the midst of a personal injury lawsuit, or even before one is filed, but at a time when one is expected to be filed. The interplay between personal injury law and estate or probate law can be complex, and family members of the deceased need to… Read More »

Lessons From Prince’s Estate Litigation

By David Toback |

As anybody who follows the news knows, the estate of the rock icon Prince continues to be litigated in court, as issues and questions seem to arise regularly. In large part this is because Prince did not have a will nor any estate documents that anybody knows of. The publication Kiplinger recently ran an… Read More »

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