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The Estate Protections of a Guardianship

By David Toback |

As people age or get ill, it is an unfortunate fact that mental ability starts to decline. In most cases, people may not be as sharp, but they will remain sharp enough to take care of their own affairs. But sometimes, whether due to injury or disease, the ability to make basic decisions about… Read More »

Religious Concerns in Estate Planning

By David Toback |

The areas of estate, asset and tax planning seem mechanical, dry, and technical. They certainly seem far divorced from something like religion or religious beliefs. But estate planning isn’t just about laws; it’s about people, and those people often have devout religious beliefs that they may want reflected or avoided in their estate plan…. Read More »

Property Owned by Married Couples Still Has Strong Protections

By David Toback |

The tenants by the entireties (TBE) protection is one of the strongest that the law provides, and one of the clearest and easiest asset protection devices available. TBE is an exemption that protects assets that are owned jointly by a married couple from being taken by creditors. A recent case has not strengthened the… Read More »

Understanding the Death Tax

By David Toback |

Presidential candidate Donald Trump recently gave a speech announcing that he would repeal the death tax. That immediately started a media frenzy about the death tax, a tax that in reality many people never even knew existed. No matter what side of the aisle you’re on or for whom you’re voting, Trump’s speech at… Read More »

Out-of-State Trusts May Need to Be Revisited

By David Toback |

Florida is a haven for incoming residents. Whether it’s young people coming to live on the water or retirees coming here to avoid the snow, Florida gets a lot of people moving here from other states. In many cases, those people may have executed trusts in the states that they left. When they come… Read More »

Estate Planning Issues for Same-Sex Couples

By David Toback |

The United States Supreme Court has now legalized gay marriage. Aside from the emotional and societal impact of its decision, the decision also carries important ramifications when it comes to estate planning. However, because the decision is so new, many of the estate planning issues come in the form of questions, rather than answers…. Read More »

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