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IRA Tax Exemption Law Benefits Elderly and Charities

By David Toback |

The IRS tax code contains many different tax exemptions and ways for people to minimize their tax liabilities. Some of these provisions have been with us forever, and will likely never change significantly. But some come and go, depending on the economy, or the mood of congress. One popular tax break, which benefits the… Read More »

Plan Now to Avoid Medicaid Problems

By David Toback |

For many with moderate to lower incomes, Medicaid can be the difference between life and death, and the difference between being able to get into a good long term care facility, or being left in the cold. Many people don’t realize it, but many financial decisions that they may make throughout their younger years… Read More »

Filial Laws and How They Could Affect You

By David Toback |

When parents age, the medical expenses can mount. Whether it’s for medical treatment, long term care, in home care, or end of life care, bills can exceed what someone’s parents are able to afford. If your parents pass, leaving significant medical expenses, debt collectors may turn to you as their child to pay those… Read More »

Having Debt May Not Always Be So Bad

By David Toback |

If you asked people whether they would prefer to have debt, or no debt, you’d probably get a resounding vote for “no debt.” Debt is bad, so we’re told, and we should do whatever we can to avoid it. But those opinions often don’t consider asset protection and estate planning, which sometimes can reward… Read More »

Make Sure Your Will Includes and Excludes Those Who You Want Inheriting (or Not Inheriting)

By David Toback |

If you have assets, it is likely that you may want to make sure that members of your family, including your children, can receive those assets by inheritance when you pass. This may seem easy and obvious—and for smaller, biological families, it can be. But in reality, not all families are the same, which… Read More »

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