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Undue Influence Can Cause Problems When Changing Estate Planning Documents

By David Toback |

We have talked in the past about how careful you have to be when changing a will or other end of life documents, particularly when the documents are those of someone who may be ill, infirm, elderly, or sick. But we have not talked about the exact legal standards for challenging a will. They’re… Read More »

Do You Always Need to Change Estate Documents After a Divorce?

By David Toback |

We all know that the issue of estate planning tends to come up when you or someone you know gets sick. But it also comes up in the context of divorce. A divorce is a trigger to many clients, pushing them to either create documents, or revisit already created ones, to make sure that… Read More »

Ernie Banks’ Probate and Will Dispute Provides Important Estate Planning Lessons

By David Toback |

Well known Chicago baseball player Ernie Banks died in January of this year. In addition to his baseball prowess, he was the first black Ford dealer, and was awarded the 2013 Congressional Medal of Honor. Sadly, however, his death has raised significant estate and probate issues, and serves as a reminder of how important… Read More »

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