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Landlords Should Understand Tenant Transfer Provisions in Commercial Leases

By David Toback |

If you own commercial property or other property where there are multiple tenants, you may be faced with the question of how to deal with tenants wanting to get out of their lease by transferring some or all of their rights in the lease to other people or businesses. Whether to allow these transfers… Read More »

Are Your Contracts Illegal?

By David Toback |

When entering into contracts, businesses want to make sure that the terms and provisions are airtight, so that the business can properly anticipate future revenue and hold others to the obligations that they agree to be bound to. Many contracts are longer term, and can last for a term of years. But as time… Read More »

Should You Include Attorneys Fees in your Contracts?

By David Toback |

Your business relies upon your ability to enforce the contracts and agreements that it enters into. And while your business may draft an airtight agreement, with provisions that are favorable to you, you still may have an economic feasibility problem when it comes to going to court to enforce your agreement. That problem may… Read More »

New Case Limits Changes to Terms of Service

By David Toback |

Many businesses find it helpful to have written and agreed-to terms of service for their clients or customers. These terms may be on paper or posted online, and may include regulations for usage of information, facilities or property. A recent case has limited the flexibility a business has when amending terms of service, and… Read More »

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