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When a Breach of Contract Isn’t Enough

By David Toback |

In law, one simple word can make a huge difference. That’s not just in law, but in how your business operates, and how its contracts and agreements are interpreted. But a disturbing trend in the law may be making it harder for you to enforce your business agreements and contracts, simply because of the… Read More »

What The Zika Virus Scare Can Teach You About Business Contracts

By David Toback |

There are lessons in business and commercial law everywhere you look, even in places that seem the least obvious. You may think that the recent Zika virus scare in Miami has nothing to do with the law, or with your business. But in fact, hidden behind the scenes of the Zika virus scare are… Read More »

New Case Makes It Tougher to Avoid Individual Liability for Business Agreements

By David Toback |

Most of us are aware that one of the biggest protections of forming a corporation is the avoidance of personal liability for anything that the corporation may do wrong. Put another way, as a general rule, we can’t be sued individually for wrongs of our company. The company is its own individual entity, separate… Read More »

When Can the Corporate Veil Be Pierced?

By David Toback |

One of the many advantages of starting a corporation is the protection that owners get from personal liability. There are differences between the extent and nature of the protections depending on the type of organization you choose (C-corp, LLC, LLLP, etc.), but generally, forming companies is thought of as a smart move from an… Read More »

Do All Contracts Have To Be In Writing

By David Toback |

A common question that business owners tend to ask regards whether oral agreements are enforceable. There seems to be an urban myth that they aren’t, or that if you “don’t have it in writing” then an agreement can’t be enforced. In fact, most oral agreements are enforceable, but some are not. Making sure that… Read More »

Important Boilerplate Contractual Provisions (Part 2)

By David Toback |

Last week we looked at some standard boilerplate contractual provisions, and became aware of some little known pitfalls that could come to those who use them in their business contracts without knowing what they really mean. This week, in part 2, we’ll look at some additional standard language that you may see in your… Read More »

One Word in a Business Contract Can Make a Huge Difference

By David Toback |

It’s often surprising how major business deals or complex financial transactions can be determined by the meaning of a single word or phrase in a contract or agreement. A number of business disputes end up in court just over the interpretation of an ambiguous term. A recent case is another reminder of how important… Read More »

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