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Employers Risk Liability From Employees With Poorly Drafted Documents

By David Toback |

Florida is one of the most employer-friendly states in the country, allowing an employer to terminate an employee “at will,” for almost any reason, so long as the reason doesn’t run afoul of federal laws which usually deal with discriminatory purposes. But aside from that, employers can be unfair, irrational, arbitrary, or even hostile… Read More »

A Legal Lesson for Businesses is Hidden in Tom Brady Case

By David Toback |

An appellate court has upheld the suspension of New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady. You may be wondering why this matters to you, unless you’re also an NFL quarterback. But hidden in this entire case is an important lesson to business owners. The Brady Case You may recall Brady was suspended by the NFL… Read More »

The Power of the Corporate Resolution

By David Toback |

Sometimes in smaller businesses or partnerships, formalities get overlooked. That may not create huge difficulties—certainly there is an advantage to the efficiency of a smaller company as opposed to the apparent bureaucracy and paperwork of larger companies. But there are often some formalities that even the smallest of companies should try to observe when… Read More »

Be Careful How You Collect Your Business’ Debts

By David Toback |

Collecting from clients or customers who owe you money can be one of the most unsavory parts of running a business. Aside from the natural discomfort of asking people for money owed, as accounts receivable but unpaid accrue, cash flow slows down, and the ability to properly run your business may diminish, making collections… Read More »

Be Careful of Misappropriation of Your Ideas or Property

By David Toback |

Many of us don’t think we will have any issues with intellectual property (IP)—generally, copyright, trademark, or patent disputes. But what we often forget is that something as simple as an idea or concept often has some IP value. We tend to throw ideas, or information around all the time, without concern over who… Read More »

Do All Contracts Have To Be In Writing

By David Toback |

A common question that business owners tend to ask regards whether oral agreements are enforceable. There seems to be an urban myth that they aren’t, or that if you “don’t have it in writing” then an agreement can’t be enforced. In fact, most oral agreements are enforceable, but some are not. Making sure that… Read More »

Letters of Intent: Make Sure You Don’t Run Into Trouble

By David Toback |

Often, when entering into large business transactions, there are long and complex contracts to be drafted and signed. In many cases, before those documents are even signed, there may need to be some investigation, or due diligence, into financial statements, records, and other information. But if parties have agreed “in principle” to enter into… Read More »

Should You Have a Personal Guarantee in Your Contracts?

By David Toback |

In the course of your business dealings, you may have legitimate concern over what happens if you don’t get paid for a service you render, or a product that you provide. In many cases, it may seem as simple as filing a lawsuit to collect your money. But as many who have done it… Read More »

Important Boilerplate Contractual Provisions (Part 2)

By David Toback |

Last week we looked at some standard boilerplate contractual provisions, and became aware of some little known pitfalls that could come to those who use them in their business contracts without knowing what they really mean. This week, in part 2, we’ll look at some additional standard language that you may see in your… Read More »

How Collecting Money Owed Could Get Your Business in Trouble

By David Toback |

For many businesses to survive, they need to make sure they’re paid by those that owe them money, whether from individual consumers, or other businesses. You may not think that simply accepting payment for a good or service rendered could embroil your business into a complex federal bankruptcy case. But it can happen. The… Read More »

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