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Just What Is a Nonprofit Organization?

By David Toback |

The question of what a nonprofit organization is may seem easy to answer. But “nonprofit” is one of those terms that seems to have a different meaning depending on who you ask. The Difference Between Profit and Nonprofit The most common answer you’ll get when you ask “what is a nonprofit business,” is the… Read More »

Your State of Residence Can Have a Big Tax Impact on Your Estate

By David Toback |

Where do you live? This seems like a simple question. But for many, it can pose significant estate planning issues. And the answer to it can make a difference of millions of dollars in estate taxes that you or your beneficiaries may have to pay. Why Your Home State Matters This is a particularly… Read More »

If You’re In Foreclosure, Don’t Forget Tax Consequences of Getting Out of It

By David Toback |

It’s been said that the economy is improving, and there’s no better indication of that than the fact that foreclosures are generally down. But they haven’t disappeared forever. And if you’re in foreclosure and looking at options to get out of it, the last thing that may be on your mind may be taxes…. Read More »

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