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How Changes to the Kiddie Tax May Affect You

By David Toback |

Not all children make a significant amount of money from an outside job, however, some kids are lucky enough to receive a fair amount of spending money from their family. If your minor child receives an allowance or monetary gifts from their grandparents, you may need to know about the Kiddie Tax. Under the… Read More »


Homestead Exemptions vs. Homestead Protections

By David Toback |

There’s a potential battle brewing in Tallahassee over homestead exemptions. No matter what side of the issue you’re on, the important thing from a legal standpoint is understanding that the media tends to mix two different concepts of what a homestead exemption means. Homestead Exemptions As we all know, our homes are taxed based… Read More »

Gift Tax Can Help or Hurt You

By David Toback |

Of all the ways to try to minimize tax consequences, and of all the more complex provisions of the IRS tax code, the gift tax may be the one that is most likely to trip someone up who thinks that they can outsmart the tax code. It is very tempting for someone with income… Read More »

Putting an LLC Interest in a Trust Could Reap Benefits

By David Toback |

When we think of the things that we own that we want to protect from creditors, or which we want to make sure go where we want them to go when we pass, we usually think of tangible items. Cars, houses, the art collection and the cash in the bank account are usually the… Read More »

Planning for Your Pet When You’re Gone

By David Toback |

In considering end of life planning, we often think of what will become of our assets and belongings, and possibly, who will be trusted or gifted with our assets. But one asset may not often get enough attention—our pets. Can a pet be left to someone in a will? How can you plan to… Read More »

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