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Simpson’s Creator’s Estate Plan May be Vague About Care For His Own Dog

By David Toback |

We’ve written in the past about the importance of planning for pets when considering an estate plan. It turns out that even those with huge assets often forget to consider animals, or else, have estate plans that are vague or confusing about how they want their animals to be cared for. What appears to… Read More »

Using an Irrevocable Trust as an Asset Protection Tool

By David Toback |

If you have assets that you want to make sure are enjoyed by your family for years to come, even after you’re gone, you may have heard what a valuable tool a trust can be. As the name implies, a trust holds property in trust for the use and enjoyment of the people you… Read More »

What is a Holographic Will and is it Valid in Florida?

By David Toback |

We speak often about intent when it comes to determining how property will be devised or inherited, and about intent being a major factor in probate litigation disputes. And surely, intent does play a big role when there is litigation over how property should be passed on. But it’s important to remember that in… Read More »

Can You Avoid Being Disinherited?

By David Toback |

In many cases, there may be reasons why someone chooses to disinherit a relative. Some of the reasons may be rational, and some irrational, and in some cases, the disinherited party may be aware that they will be disinherited, while in other cases, it may come as a complete surprise to the disinherited party…. Read More »

Planning for Your Pet When You’re Gone

By David Toback |

In considering end of life planning, we often think of what will become of our assets and belongings, and possibly, who will be trusted or gifted with our assets. But one asset may not often get enough attention—our pets. Can a pet be left to someone in a will? How can you plan to… Read More »

Florida Annuities: A Great Asset Protection Tool, Even in a Divorce

By David Toback |

Divorce seems to bring up a lot of questions when it comes to asset protection and estate planning, especially when exempt assets are transferred pursuant to a divorce. Just recently we discussed the effects of the homestead protections upon divorce, and whether a divorce threatens the homestead protections of property that are normally afforded… Read More »

Make Sure Your Will Includes and Excludes Those Who You Want Inheriting (or Not Inheriting)

By David Toback |

If you have assets, it is likely that you may want to make sure that members of your family, including your children, can receive those assets by inheritance when you pass. This may seem easy and obvious—and for smaller, biological families, it can be. But in reality, not all families are the same, which… Read More »

Lawmaker Pushing for New Law Dealing with Digital Data After Death

By David Toback |

When we think of the assets in our lives that will pass to others when we’re gone, we normally think of tangible objects of value. Florida citizens may create wills, or set up trusts, to ensure that property of value is passed on to family members after death. But a lawmaker in Florida is… Read More »

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