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New Health Care Surrogate Laws Remind Us How Important Having One Can Be

By David Toback |

When we think of estate planning, we tend to think of planning for all of our stuff, and specifically who will get it, how will it be spent, and where will it go. But many people give little thought to planning for disability, or for health problems that may render them unable to tend… Read More »

Careless Language Can Expose Exempt Assets to Creditors

By David Toback |

In the world of estate planning, there’s good planning, no planning, and bad planning. In many cases, the third can lead to assets and property being taken by creditors, instead of being passed to your intended beneficiaries. Life Insurance Exemptions Florida provides for certain assets to be exempt from claims of creditors when you… Read More »

Undue Influence Can Cause Problems When Changing Estate Planning Documents

By David Toback |

We have talked in the past about how careful you have to be when changing a will or other end of life documents, particularly when the documents are those of someone who may be ill, infirm, elderly, or sick. But we have not talked about the exact legal standards for challenging a will. They’re… Read More »

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