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Tag Archives: Intellectual Property Protection


Can You Patent Your DNA?

By David Toback |

Deep inside of you, there is something that potentially has great value to the outside world, which you may not even be aware had such value: your DNA. Much like your contact information which has value when data lists are purchased by marketing companies, your DNA has similar value to companies that are not… Read More »


Does Pop Culture or Fan Art Infringe on Intellectual Property?

By David Toback |

Pop culture is seemingly everywhere. Anybody with an artistic vision will sell you clothing, mugs, figurines, lampshades—almost anything you can think of with your favorite pop culture characters on it, whether those characters come from movies, TV, video games, or comic books. But in a world where intellectual property is so closely guarded and… Read More »


Make Sure You’re Not Accidentally Violating Someone’s Copyright or Trademark Protections

By David Toback |

Major retailer Costco is in some hot water, and is now liable to Tiffany’s for over $19 million for selling jewelry labeled under the Tiffany’s label, even though the jewelry was not from Tiffany’s. Although this is a dispute between two multimillion dollar companies, the legal lessons are also valuable to those with small… Read More »

Don’t Ignore Intellectual Property When Planning an Estate

By David Toback |

What does the 1980s classic movie “Back to the Future” have anything to do with estate planning? A recent lawsuit involving an icon in the famous movie is a good reminder about planning for assets you may not think about right away. Lawsuit Involves Iconic Movie Car The case involves a lawsuit by John… Read More »

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