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You May Be Committing Usury Without Knowing It

By David Toback |

You have money to loan, and you want to find a way to make more. You find a business that needs some money, and you like that business. You set up a deal where you loan money, and in return, the business pays you significant interest. You’re not a loan shark, and not looking… Read More »


Employers Risk Liability From Employees With Poorly Drafted Documents

By David Toback |

Florida is one of the most employer-friendly states in the country, allowing an employer to terminate an employee “at will,” for almost any reason, so long as the reason doesn’t run afoul of federal laws which usually deal with discriminatory purposes. But aside from that, employers can be unfair, irrational, arbitrary, or even hostile… Read More »


Public Filings Can Avoid Apparent Authority Problems

By David Toback |

Businesses that have employees usually delegate to those employees certain tasks and responsibilities. In many cases, employees need to speak on behalf of the company in order to carry out daily business functions. But not every employee is authorized to do everything for the corporation. For example, an employee may have the right to… Read More »

Should You Have a Personal Guarantee in Your Contracts?

By David Toback |

In the course of your business dealings, you may have legitimate concern over what happens if you don’t get paid for a service you render, or a product that you provide. In many cases, it may seem as simple as filing a lawsuit to collect your money. But as many who have done it… Read More »

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