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Tampa Estate Planning Attorney > Blog > Probate > What Your Bedroom Needs For Safe And Happy Aging In Place

What Your Bedroom Needs For Safe And Happy Aging In Place

Bed Rail

One of the best things you can do to ensure financial security during retirement is to pay off your mortgage, but by deciding to stay in your family home as you age, there are still questions to address.  Your house can remain the glue that holds your family together, the site of joyous family gatherings on holidays, but as it remains a place where your grandchildren, or even your great-grandchildren, build memories, it can increasingly become a burden for you if you or your spouse begins to have mobility problems.  The good news is that moving to an assisted living facility or senior living community that never really feels like home is not the only option.  It is cheaper, and more conducive to peace of mind, to modify your home to accommodate your mobility needs; your bedroom is the most logical place to start.  This is just a part of the detailed plan you should discuss with a Tampa probate lawyer.

Fall-Proof Furniture

Seniors, especially those who rely on a cane or walker for mobility, are at high risk of falls.  If possible, you should replace any lightweight, flimsy furniture pieces with something heavier and sturdier that will help you keep your balance.  If you cannot afford to replace your furniture now, you can make your bedroom and living room more fall-proof by adding non-skid furniture pads and rug grippers to the corners of rugs.

Senior-Friendly Beds

Getting into and out of bed can be a daunting task when you suffer from arthritis, impaired balance, or other mobility issues.  The mattress and box spring you have been sleeping on for years are not the most senior-friendly option.  Platform beds, which are lower and firmer than a box spring, are affordable and elegant, not to mention being much easier for seniors to get in and out of.  To make your bed even safer, you can even add an adjustable bed rail to make it even easier to get in and out of bed.

Lights That Are Always Within Reach

Trying to walk to the lamp or light switch in the dark is a major challenge when you have mobility issues.  The safest choice is to install sound-activated or motion-activated lighting in your bedroom and other rooms in your house.  The Clapper seemed like a novelty in the 80s (perhaps your kids even asked you for one for Christmas when they were kids and then clapped the lights on and off until you got fed up and uninstalled the thing), but it can be a life-saver when you are an elderly person living on your own.  If you want to go really fancy, you can go for motion-activated lights under your bed that light up the whole room when you get out of bed in the middle of the night.

Contact an Attorney for Help

An estate planning lawyer can help you make a practical plan for aging in place safely and happily.  Contact David Toback for help today.



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