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Estate Planning for Small Business Owners in Florida

By David Toback |

Estate planning involves having proper plans in place that will determine how your business will run, and whether or not the estate taxes will be minimized upon the death of the owner. For small business owners, their business is usually the largest asset that they have. Most of the time with small businesses, after… Read More »


Tips for Preparing Your Estate for Retirement

By David Toback |

Is your retirement day coming near? Have you considered all the aspects that come along with retirement? Do you want to prepare your estate for retirement? Do you want to make sure that your assets are properly allocated among your loved ones with no tax burden whatsoever? Here are some of the tips that… Read More »


Myths Regarding the Florida Probate

By David Toback |

If you live in Florida, it is important to make yourself aware of the varied nuances involved during the probate process. Probate can be mysterious, and this is why we are here with a list of myths to clear the air. Let’s have a look at some common myths. When you create a will,… Read More »


Should Transfer on Death Accounts Be Part of Your Estate Plan?

By David Toback |

Unfortunately, many estates end up going to probate. In some states this isn’t a major issue, but in others it can be a costly headache. That is why it is important to understand how Transfer on Death accounts operate and how they can be used as an estate planning tool to help you avoid… Read More »


When Can a Will Be Contested?

By David Toback |

You’ve heard the stories before. A son who is the only child to a doting mother who promised to leave everything to him when she died. However, after she passed away, the son discovered that his mother had recently had her will redone and left everything to her housekeeper. Is the son simply left… Read More »


The Pros and Cons of Putting Your Property in a Trust

By David Toback |

It’s not an uncommon issue for parents to worry that their adult children will throw their inheritance away on fast living, drugs, or alcohol, have it taken by creditors, or have a spouse take their inheritance in a divorce settlement. However, holding their inheritance property in a trust can have a lot of benefits…. Read More »


Don’t Wait Until Your Loved One Is No Longer Mentally Competent

By David Toback |

One of the hard parts of being an attorney is advising adult children who have suddenly realized they need to step in and help their aging parent. Perhaps their mother isn’t making sound decisions anymore regarding her healthcare, or their father is falling behind on his bills. Whatever the reason, transitioning control of such… Read More »


Estate Planning After a New Baby

By David Toback |

Congratulations! You’ve just welcomed a little bundle of joy into your life and what was a family of two is now a family of three. You’ve baby proofed the house, found the perfect name, and bought all of the necessities to take care of your little one. But have you created your estate plan?… Read More »

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