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What Thursday’s Supreme Court Ruling Could Mean for Businesses

By David Toback |

It’s not a secret that more and more Americans have done their shopping online over the past few years. There’s the convenience of buying from home, plus lower prices in many cases. These lower prices have been due to the fact that e-commerce sales are often tax-free. After a recent Supreme Court ruling, that… Read More »


A Contract Modification May Not Have the Same Rules as the Original Contract

By David Toback |

Every now and then there are cases that seem like they not only affect legal scholars, but also have a tangible, real world effect on everyday people. Such was a recent case that determined that a loan modification was not a negotiable instrument, the way a promissory note is. What’s a Promissory Note? Let’s… Read More »


Patent Infringement Claims Are Not Always Valid

By David Toback |

Patents protect our intellectual ideas, and make sure that our proprietary business inventions aren’t stolen and used by just anyone. But sometimes, patents can be used the wrong way, as they often are by what are known as patent trolls. A recent allegation of infringement has arisen, bringing to light how important it is… Read More »


Business Policy Changes Can Create Legal Problems

By David Toback |

Change is at the heart of any good business. Staying stagnant will often lead to your business being left behind, while change is often the catalyst for growth and profits. But change must be implemented correctly. Often, good ideas can lead to trouble when the legalities of the changes aren’t fully thought through. Such… Read More »


Apple’s Problems Are a Good Legal Lesson for Businesses

By David Toback |

Our parents would always tell us that honesty is the best policy. That maxim is not only good life advice, but good legal advice as well. Often companies get in trouble not because of something that they did or failed to do, but because they didn’t just tell customers or the public what they… Read More »


Does Pop Culture or Fan Art Infringe on Intellectual Property?

By David Toback |

Pop culture is seemingly everywhere. Anybody with an artistic vision will sell you clothing, mugs, figurines, lampshades—almost anything you can think of with your favorite pop culture characters on it, whether those characters come from movies, TV, video games, or comic books. But in a world where intellectual property is so closely guarded and… Read More »


Routine Destruction of Business Records Could Lead to Trouble

By David Toback |

Every day your business likely destroys records. It may be as simple as throwing out old paperwork, deleting old emails, or filming over of surveillance video camera footage. Certainly, clearing space to make way for new things is necessary; not everything can be saved forever. Spoliation Problems Many business owners aren’t aware that the… Read More »


How to Use Tenancy by the Entireties to Protect Your Business

By David Toback |

The protection of property owned by a husband and wife jointly is one of the most well known protections in the law. Ask many people about creditor or asset protection and a number will already know that creditors can’t take property that is owned jointly by a husband and wife. That concept is better… Read More »


You May Be Committing Usury Without Knowing It

By David Toback |

You have money to loan, and you want to find a way to make more. You find a business that needs some money, and you like that business. You set up a deal where you loan money, and in return, the business pays you significant interest. You’re not a loan shark, and not looking… Read More »


Charging Orders Protect Multiple Member LLCs

By David Toback |

Getting involved in an LLC with business partners is a big decision. Many factors need to be considered. Usually, focus is put on the business itself—is it a viable idea? Will it make money? But sometimes we don’t give much thought to who we’re going into business with. If you’re going into business with… Read More »

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